Please read our terms and conditions of sale carefully. Thank you. It is important that you call us and make an appointment before bringing items in. Call 01622 754949.
Terms and Conditions
1) Prepare garment for sale prior to bringing into shop; garments or accessories must be clean and pressed as appropriate.
2) We do not under any circumstances receive counterfeit good. Please check that items are genuine. Where possible provide proof.
3) Please ensure there are no buttons missing, rips in seams or broken zips. There should be no: a mark, stains, pulled threads or scuffed heals.
4) Garments must come from smoke free environment
5) The manager has the right to refuse items she deems unsuitable for re-sale.
6) Garments should be appropriate for season: we accept Autumn/Winter stock from Mid August and Spring/Summer from Mid January. See website to be sure.
7) When pricing garments or accessories the following criteria should be taken into account:
General desirability
If you are unsure of price we will suggest one.
8) On inspection by the manager a decision will be made if garment will be accepted for sale and a selling price agreed.
You will be given a receipt of garments, which will specify price garment will be sold at, you will be required to sign this as your agreement of price.

A handling fee of 1 per item will be charged on leaving items in the shop, this is non-refundable (whether items sell or not). It covers admin, diplay space etc. Receipt is your proof of ownership.

1) Garments will be displayed at the agreed price for 4 weeks and reduced by 25% for two weeks. (Unless otherwise specified)
2) Hats/fascinators are kept for an unspecified period but require you to call every two months to check if they are sold.
3) All items accepted will be at the managers discretion, they remain the property of the client until sold and are left at the owners risk. Please do not leave shoe boxes or garment covers that you require as we do not have storage for these items.
4) Your collection date is specified and booked when items are left, if you do not show for collection on the specified date, we will hold items for two weeks only, unless you contact us within that set time. Items will be disposed after this time.
5) Clients receive 50% of the actual sale price to spend in store or 40% in cash. Monies will be paid at end of agreed sale period. Due to our very limited storage space items not sold or collected by owner will be disposed of within two weeks of the end date stated on your receipt. If we do not here from you within 2 months of when items are left in store monies owing will be forfeited.
6) Please bring a bag when collecting unsold items

Signed ..