Its all about that HAT!!!!!

We take care of our customers in our friendly shop. Our experience & expertise ensures your choice of hat is age appropriate & is perfect for your outfit and special occasion.


Please book an appointment and bring along your outfit, and we will help you find the perfect hat to hire.

 The cost of hiring the hat is payable on the day of booking and a cash deposit is taken on the day of hiring. (min £50) Hire is no longer than 5 days and hats need to be returned in the condition they left the shop to ensure the return of the deposit in full.

Hats are steam cleaned before each hire and a picture recording their condition taken. 

 Hat to BUY:

We also have a large collection of pre-owned and new hats & fascinators for sale.

and offer a BESPOKE service, where we will design and create a hat or fascinator for just you, to compliment and match your special outfit.

Please note it is important to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT! or 01622754949

We also make alterations to existing Hats or Fascinators, change they way they look, add other colours, change comb to band.